Shorten, Track & Share your link with Hiifyi Shortener Tool.

Start getting your content ranked higher in search results.

View stats such as number of clicks, expiry date etc of the URL shared with just one click.
Set Expiry Date
Set expiry date to your shortened URLs so as they expire after the specified date.
Manage URLs
You can easily delete URL, add/update comments and change the expiry date of the shortened URL.
Instant share
Share your shortened URL instantly on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.
Short bulk URLs
Shorten all your long URLs together at one place. (Coming Soon)
Scan through QR code
Stop worrying about typing the URL on your mobile devices, simply scan the QR code and get the link. (Coming Soon)
How it Works
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Convert long URL to short URL
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Why Hii fyi?
Hii fyi is a free URL shorter tool that helps you shorten the length of any URL.
Have you ever come across the character limit while sharing a link on twitter? If yes, then this tool is for you. You can simply shrink the URL link and fit in a tweet or an email. Hii fyi helps your link look more organized by making it short.
Save your time and effort

Hii fyi has a simple interface and is user-friendly. Simply copy and paste your long URL into the text area and hit enter, and voila, you are all set to go with your short URL. Furthermore, these short URLs can directly be tweeted or shared to your contacts.

Detailed Stats

Once the URL is shortened and shared, you can track all the real-time statistics of the shared URL such as the number of clicks on the URL, web browsers used, devices on which the URL has been clicked.

Additionally, you can also view the created and expiry date of the URL.

By tracking the outcome of the links a business can analyze what their audience is engaging and make changes to their strategies accordingly.

Manage URLs

You can edit the expiry date of the URL you have shortened. Or delete any URL that is no more in use. The comment/ description of the URL can also be changed from your dashboard.

Advantages of Using Hii fyi URL Shortener
Enhanced customer experience
Short URLs makes reading experience effortless and aesthetically looks cleaner, especially on social media platforms.
Ability to track URL data
With the help of site analytics tool in Hiifyi you can measure the traffic of your site, so that you can focus on the necessary improvements on the same.
Convenient link sharing
Short URLs are easy to share and remember. They look more engaging on social media.
Who can use Hii fyi?
Hii fyi is suitable for anyone who wants to turn their long URLS to short ones
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Hii fyi?
Hii fyi is a tool that helps you create and share short URLs.
Will my short URLs ever expire?
Until and unless you manually set the expiry date the links won’t expire.
What if I forget my password to login?
You can reset the password to your account simply by clicking forgot password from the login screen.
Can I customize the domain of my short URL?
We do not have domain customization as of now.
How do I share the links that I have shortened using Hii fyi?
Once the short link has been created, you will see a pop up with multiple social media platforms. You can simply click on the icon of the social media you want to share and start sharing.
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